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Meet David A. Carter and his son, David C. Carter

David A. Carter has been in the tool and die business for the past 46 years. He has held positions from tool and die maker to product developer. 

He started Precision Metal Tooling, Inc.  in 1983. He has assembled some of  the most talented tool and die makers as a part of his design team.  Since then he has helped many of his customers go from prototype to production. 

David C. Carter  joined the company in 2019.  He brings in a renewed view towards tool making. He has both a  B.S. and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. California, Davis.  He has worked in Research and Development in Japan for one of the largest tool manufacturer for the past couple of years. He now is bringing in innovation and new manufacturing ideas to the company.


Utilizing our vast experience as a tool and die makers  we  assist our customers from concept to actual part.  We have  sat in on conventional boardroom meetings to casual gathering exchanging ideas on how to manufacture parts to full production. 

We have  received ideas and concepts from our customers via AutoCad drawings to sketches on cocktail napkins.  (We really discourage the cocktail napkins because they become difficult to read after a period of time). Still ideas come in many forms. And sometimes too much formality stagnates the process. On the other hand ideas can be lost such as one on a wet cocktail napkin. So balance and flexibility is the key to moving forward on any new idea.

So, if you need more than your ordinary  tool and die maker,  tool designer,  tool consultant,   custom tool maker, prototype tooling, EDM wire or precision machine shop then give us a call at


              or e-mail us at


Bottom line is creativity strikes us in many ways and when it comes
you need to act quickly  with a company who can make the concept a part. If you need a company  that is easy to work with. And a company that has a vast array of experience to draw from. And further still a company that has the same kind of passion for the new unfound product that you and your team does. And if you need someone you can reach personally by phone when creativity sparks to move your concepts to full production then call and talk to us.

David A. Carter and David C. Carter
Precision Metal Tooling, Inc.

So call us at  510-436-0900
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